NRA settles lawsuit with artist Anish Kapoor over video

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Written by By Jack Guy, CNN

British artist Anish Kapoor is facing down the National Rifle Association, a US gun rights organization, in a legal row over one of his most famous sculptures.

The case relates to the unauthorized use of an image of Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” sculpture, known as “The Bean” to locals in Chicago where it sits in a park in the city’s center.

In 2017 the large silver sculpture was featured in an NRA promotional video called “The Violence of Lies,” which sparked a furious reaction from the artist.

“The NRA’s nightmarish, intolerant, divisive vision perverts everything that Cloud Gate — and America — stands for,” wrote Kapoor in an Instagram post.

Anish Kapoor with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei Credit: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

He later filed legal papers and now the gun rights organization has agreed to remove the image of the sculpture as part of an out-of-court settlement, the UK’s Press Association news agency reports.

In a statement published Thursday, Kapoor said the “abhorrent” video “seeks to promote fear, hostility and division in American society.”

“This is a victory not just in defence of the copyright of my work, but it is also a declaration that we stand with those who oppose gun violence in America and elsewhere,” he said.

Kapoor also invited the NRA to donate $1 million to charities that help victims of gun violence in America.

The NRA has not yet responded to CNN’s request for comment.

“Cloud Gate” is one of Kapoor’s most famous works, alongside the…

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