Brexit is set for another crunch week (no, we really mean it this time)

A meaningful vote on the plan appeared the last remaining obstacle separating Johnson from a feat that had so agonizingly eluded Theresa May.

The passing of the Letwin amendment, and Johnson’s subsequent request for a Brexit delay, has turned the saga on its head once more, setting up another vital week both in London and Brussels.

It doesn’t mean the fight is over by any stretch: if Johnson can pass his withdrawal agreement this week, along with the relevant legislation to enact the deal, Britain will be leaving the European Union in a matter of days.

But the setback stopped Johnson’s momentum in the most abrupt fashion, and offered those on all sides of the Brexit debate a path back into the race. An out-and-out battle to decide the country’s future is now set to break out this week — while on the continent, European leaders have their own decision to make about whether or not to extend the drama further.

Brexit isn’t over yet. In fact, it may just have been blown wide open.

A knife-edge vote

First on Johnson’s agenda this week will be putting his Brexit deal back up for a vote in Parliament — but even that could be complicated.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, indicated on Saturday that Johnson planned for a vote on his deal on Monday.

It looks like Boris Johnson was defeated. The opposite might be true

But the Speaker, John Bercow, said he needs to decide whether or not to allow it first. Earlier in the year, Bercow ruled that the same bill cannot be presented to Parliament twice in the same form unless the…

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