News Daily: PM’s Brexit vote push and Prince Harry interview

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Brexit: PM pushes for fresh deal vote

It’s up to John Bercow. The House of Commons Speaker will decide whether the government gets to present MPs with a “straight-up-and-down vote” on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with the EU later. Ministers argue that Saturday’s vote for an amendment to their motion means that the House hasn’t yet had a proper chance to decide on the actual substance of the issue.

But Mr Bercow could rule that the government is effectively asking for the same thing to be debated twice. If that happens, there probably won’t be a discussion or a vote.

However, the government also plans to introduce the legislation required to implement the Brexit deal – the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – during Monday’s Commons session.

Following Saturday’s events, Mr Johnson, as required under law, requested from the EU a delay to the Brexit deadline, beyond 31 October. But his letter was unsigned and was accompanied by one signed by the PM saying any further postponement “would damage the interests of the UK and our EU partners”.

Scotland’s highest court will consider today whether this complied with the law or was intended to “frustrate” it.

Back in the Commons, opposition parties remain determined to stop the PM’s…

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