UK election: Dossiers of dirt are being unleashed. And there’s much more to come

Just this week, both the governing Conservatives and main opposition Labour party have suffered embarrassing revelations about candidates, some of whom have since been forced to stand down.

For Labour, the problem has been anti-Semitism. The party has been dogged by questionable comments by members, and a criticism they’ve done little to combat record high anti-Semitic incidents in the UK.
Kate Ramsden, a Labour candidate standing for election in Scotland, was forced to end her campaign on Thursday after the Jewish Chronicle newspaper uncovered a blog post from 2014 in which she compared Israel to an “abused child who becomes an abusive adult.” She later apologized for the post.

“I can see why many Jewish people have been hurt by my words. That was never my intention and I apologise unreservedly,” she said.

This came just days after Zarah Sultana, another Labour candidate, had to apologize for tweets sent in 2015 when she was a student, saying that she would celebrate the death of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former US President George W. Bush, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. She also apologized for a Facebook post in which she backed the Palestinian right to “violent resistance.”

“I do not support violence and I should not have articulated my anger in the manner I did, for which I apologize,” she said in a statement, reports the BBC.

Unlike Ramsden, she did not stand down.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, have been firefighting equally…

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