Nigel Farage makes a huge Brexit concession

The announcement came came after weeks of pressure from prominent supporters, who feared that putting up candidates in every seat could split the pro-Brexit vote and work to the advantage of parties that want the UK to remain in the EU.

During a speech in Hartlepool, in the northeast of England, Farage said that the Brexit Party would “concentrate all our efforts” on seats held by the main opposition Labour Party and other, smaller parties. He said that by winning these seats, the Brexit Party would be able to “keep Boris Johnson to his promises” in Parliament.

Just ten days ago, Farage had pledged that his party would contest every seat in Britain unless the Prime Minister abandoned his Brexit deal and entered an electoral pact with him.

Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Member of the European Parliament and a long-standing critic of the EU, has always liked to portray himself as a pivotal force in Brexit politics in the UK.

He launched the Brexit party earlier this year when former PM Theresa May’s plan to leave the EU was first showing signs of falling apart. It made a huge impact at the European elections, finishing in first place in the UK, leaving the ruling Conservatives languishing in fifth.

But the British political landscape has shifted considerably. Theresa May was a late convert to the Brexit cause, but Johnson has always appeared the truer believer, leading the successful 2016 campaign to leave the EU. Since Johnson became Prime…

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