Hillary Clinton calls UK government ‘shameful’ for not publishing Russia report

In the UK on a book tour, the 2016 Democratic US presidential candidate said the government should release the report to give voters a full picture of how Russia seeks to influence western democracies.

“I’m dumbfounded that this government won’t release the report about Russian influence because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens,” Clinton told the BBC on Tuesday.

The unpublished report by the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) is at the center of a storm in the UK.

CNN reported last week that the ISC heard warnings that Russia’s influence reaches deep into the British establishment and not enough had been done to counter the threat. One witness described Russian influence as “potentially the most significant threat to the UK’s institutions and its ways of life,” according to written testimony reviewed by CNN.
UK inquiry was warned of Russian infiltration, leaked testimony shows

The ISC report was completed in March and submitted to Downing Street on October 17 after a lengthy period of clearance with the security services.

But the government did not publish it before parliament was dissolved last week ahead of an election on December 12, and it may now be months before it sees the light of day.

Opposition politicians have accused the government of a cover-up, saying the report could raise awkward questions about the validity of the Brexit referendum in 2016 and expose the alleged Russian connections of some in the ruling Conservative party.

The government has said the failure to…

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