Donald Trump is the man no one in Britain wants to dance with

First, there’s the build-up, in which political groups across the spectrum announce their plans to protest against Trump as soon as he sets foot on British soil.

Then there’s the President’s obligatory dig at Sadiq Khan, the popular Mayor of London, over the city’s knife crime epidemic. He might skip that tradition this time, given the deadly terror attack that took place in London last week. But his dislike of Khan is profound, and it could be too tempting.

There’s usually a “surprise” newspaper interview, in which he sticks his nose into British politics and offends a major political figure. That’s often followed by a press conference where he tries to clean up the mess, but usually just ends up tying himself in a knot of contradictions.

Finally, when all official business is done, he throws opens his doors to his favored British friends (think Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan) desperate to show off their closeness to the most powerful man on earth.

The visits are usually more of a spectacle than anything else. This time, however, Trump lands just a few days before the UK holds what could be the most important general election in the nation’s postwar history. And any unexpected grenades Trump chooses to hurl could have consequences beyond a two-day political storm and affect the outcome of an actual election.

Trump has already been used as a political weapon to attack Boris Johnson during this campaign. The main opposition Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has been telling…

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