Remember when Carrie Fisher debuted Princess Leia’s side buns?

Written by Jacqui Palumbo

Delving into the archives of pop culture history, “Remember When?” is a series offering a nostalgic look at the celebrity outfits that defined their eras.

Since 1977, when “Star Wars: A New Hope” kicked off a now-$65-billion franchise, fans of all ages have tapped into Princess Leia Organa’s indomitable attitude by donning her saucer-like side buns. The hairstyle declares a sense of self-assuredness fitting of a Rebel Alliance agent.

Worn by adults, it can be flirty or daring; on “Star Wars'” youngest fans, it can be cute and precocious. Leia herself became sci-fi’s most famous feminist icon — her look has lasted over four decades to become a mainstay of fandom, from casual Halloween-goers to serious cosplayers.

As the leading woman in a male-centric film, 19-year-old Fisher was an instant hit.

Daring, whip-smart, resilient, and often cheeky, Leia toppled expectations about what a princess could be. “George didn’t want a damsel in distress, didn’t want your stereotypical princess,” Fisher said of director George Lucas in 1977. “He wanted a fighter, he wanted someone who was independent.”

When Leia is first introduced in “A New Hope,” she’s deceptively demure — a captive damsel in holographic form. Wearing a white dress that cloaks her hair, her projection sweetly cries “You’re my only hope” in a virtual message to the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. But when her male counterparts Luke Skywalker and Han Solo mount a rescue mission in the Death Star…

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