Dubai’s horizontal tower breaks the mold

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(CNN) — The Dubai skyline contains its fair share of architectural novelties and distinctive silhouettes.

These include the sail-shaped Burj al Arab hotel, the twisted Cayan Tower, and the hollow eye that is the Museum of the Future.

Another striking design is set to join the collection. The $1 billion One Za’abeel project, from Japanese architects Nikken Sekkei, will resemble a giant capital “H” rising above Dubai’s business district.

The design features two podium-mounted skyscrapers of 300 and 235 meters respectively, joined by a 228-meter steel bridge that will constitute a tower in itself — exceeding the height of Seattle’s Space Needle.

Seattle's iconic Space Needle is just 184 meters - more than 40 meters short of "The Link."

Seattle’s iconic Space Needle is just 184 meters – more than 40 meters short of “The Link.”


High wire act

The bridge – dubbed “The Link” – will be the longest cantilever in the world, according to state-owned developer Ithra Dubai. A section of more than 60 meters will extend beyond the towers into open sky.

The 9,000-ton structure is being assembled in seven sections along a bespoke horizontal slide at podium level 25 meters above ground, before being jacked into position at a height of around 100 meters and secured to the towers.

Four of the seven sections are in position, according to a spokesman for…

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