Tiger Woods’ son is good at golf, but video poses wider questions

The 10-year-old was filmed hitting balls on a practice range ahead of a junior tournament in Florida, with his dad standing behind him. Woods Sr. was later pictured caddying for his son.

The video, taken from a distance, set social media abuzz. Firstly, because Charlie is clearly a chip off the old block when it comes to golf.

But perhaps more importantly it sparked a debate on the ethics of circulating a video of a child, seemingly without permission. And it highlights the tricky world of Woods.

Tiger Woods celebrates with son Charlie after winning the Masters in 2019.

‘I don’t like fame’

On the one hand, Woods wants his kids — Charlie has an older sister Sam — to have as close as possible to a normal life, such as competing in junior golf tournaments, or going to soccer practice with friends, which the 44-year-old golfer often references in news conferences.

But as one of the most famous sports stars on the planet, with a blockbuster back story, Woods knows he is the focus of intense scrutiny.

He hates that consequence of success, telling CNN in November of his attitude to fame, “I don’t like it. I never have liked it.” Which probably explains why his superyacht is named “Privacy.”

So when one of Woods’ children shows talent at golf, perhaps unsurprisingly given their dad’s 15 majors and status as arguably the best of all time, the spotlight is likely to swing in their direction.

For all the controversy that surrounded Woods following the sex scandal that led to divorce, he has…

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