Coronavirus outbreak: Latest news and live updates

A day after sweeping travel restrictions took effect at US airports in response to the coronavirus outbreak, many questions remain.

One state official told CNN they had been working all weekend to understand the new rules, and had been on the phone with the White House several times.

“It’s a high level order without a lot details filled in. We are working really hard to understand the conditions,” said the official in a phone call. “There are a lot of unknowns.” 

Another official at a major West Coast airport told CNN, “Everyone has been trying to nail down clarifications on the travel ban.”

There were questions along the line like ‘How is this going to work?’, ‘What are going to be the procedures?’, and ‘What are the details on a quarantine?’” 

The West Coast official’s airport is one of the 11 that will handle enhanced screenings for coronavirus.

Some context: Under the new rules, Americans who traveled to China in the last 14 days are to be routed through one of 11 designated airports for screening and possible self-quarantine. Americans who traveled to China’s Hubei province in the past 14 days may be subject to mandatory quarantine.

Foreign nationals who traveled to China in that period are banned from entry.

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