Violence in New Delhi: Victims recount devastation

The mob descended on the mosque in the Ashok Nagar neighborhood of New Delhi chanting praises to a Hindu deity, Jai Shri Ram, before beating up the imam and killing the muezzin, who was leading the call to prayer, Samar told CNN.

“They brought batons and stones inside the mosque and the people outside had guns as well. We had to stop praying and run away,” Samar, whose eye was severely injured in the attack, said.

Protesters hoisted a saffron flag, associated with Hindu far-right groups, from the mosque’s blackened minaret. The flag was only removed Wednesday morning after a CNN team asked police why it was still hanging there.

Tuesday was the third consecutive night of deadly communal clashes in the capital between Hindus and minority Muslims over a divisive new citizenship law.

More than thirty people have been killed since riots broke out on Sunday, according to a hospital spokesperson. It is the worst sectarian violence Delhi has seen in decades.

A resident looks at burnt-out and damaged residential premises and shops following clashes on Tuesday.

The unrest, which coincided with a visit to India by US President Donald Trump, erupted between those demonstrating for and against the law that fast-tracks Indian citizenship for religious minorities of every faith other than Islam.

Eyewitnesses told CNN that angry mobs targeted Muslim areas overnight on Tuesday, burning and looting homes and shops. Authorities deployed tear gas to disperse crowds, as protesters hurled stones and set surrounding property on fire, according to police. Lawyer Suroor Mander said that pellet bullets…

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