Fact check: Trump utters series of false and misleading claims at coronavirus briefing

Gov. Jay Inslee’s comments and the media

Trump denounced “the fake news” for a report that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee had clashed with him on a Thursday phone call and had told him that “we need Tom Brady” in securing critical medical equipment rather than the “backup” Trump had pledged to be — using the football metaphor to urge the federal government to take a leading role in the effort. (The Washington Post broke the story.)

Trump then said that Inslee did make the comment, but “meant it very positively — but they took it differently.” Trump proceeded to repeat that the reporting was “only fake news.”

Facts First: The reporting on this exchange was not “fake news.” Trump himself confirmed that Inslee did utter the “Tom Brady” quote, as did Inslee implicitly (with a joke about it on Twitter). There is no indication that Inslee’s remark was meant to be interpreted in a manner substantially different than how the Post and other outlets interpreted it.

Inslee declined to discuss the specifics of the call at a Thursday press conference, but added, “I think it would be very, very helpful if the federal government could be more assertive and aggressive and more organized in helping all of us to obtain these systems.”

How unforeseen the coronavirus crisis was

Trump repeated his previous claim that “this was something that nobody has ever thought could happen to this country.” He added, “Nobody would have ever thought a thing like this could have happened.”

Facts First: This is…

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