2020 election: Experts are warning coronavirus puts integrity the election at risk. Here’s what cou…

That means sweeping changes will be necessary in all 50 states to pull off the first pandemic-plagued presidential election in American history, according to interviews with more than a dozen state officials, former federal officials, voting rights activists and legal scholars.

One nation, under coronavirus: How two weeks changed America

In a best-case scenario, the pandemic settles down over the summer and the country holds a relatively normal November election. But some experts are contemplating doomsday scenarios that include attempts to postpone the election, a flurry of litigation and a constitutional crisis.

“At all costs, the election must go on,” said CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley. “This is not the NBA season or the Olympics. Come November, we’ve got to vote. If we can vote in the middle of the Civil War, and if Franklin D. Roosevelt can run for an unprecedented fourth term in the middle of World War II, then we can figure out how to make 2020 a free and fair election.”

Bracing for the ‘perfect storm’

More than 136 million Americans voted in 2016, and a record number of them cast early ballots. But nearly 60% of voters still showed up on Election Day, waited in long lines, used communal pens and touched the same voting machines — all dangerous moves in the coronavirus era.
Biden offers to talk to coronavirus victims' families and nearly offers his phone number

“We don’t know what the future holds,” said Matthew Petersen, who was on the Federal Election Commission for 11 years, appointed by a Republican president. “If the virus is still widely spreading this fall, then casting ballots in crowded…

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