Toby Alderweireld hopes for ‘joy’ after tablet donation to hospitals

Toby Alderweireld has started 27 of Tottenham’s 29 Premier League games this season

Tottenham defender Toby Alderweireld is trying “to bring a little bit of joy” to those with coronavirus by donating tablets to hospitals and nursing homes.

The Belgium international has already paid for dozens of devices and has more on the way for those who are isolated.

“We are already getting messages from people who can now speak to their families and it has been a real help,” he told 5 Live’s Euro Leagues show.

“I didn’t do it for a reaction, just to help but it has been so positive.”

Alderweireld was moved to try to help those suffering with the virus and hopes his donation has made a difference.

“In the UK we are a little bit behind Europe, I was getting news from across Europe so I was in a coronavirus state of mind,” he said.

“I called my dad and said we have to do something, we have to try to help.

“We were brainstorming, my dad contacted some hospitals and they said we need some tablets for people who are isolated, especially older people who don’t have a phone. It keeps a visual connection with loved ones, which was impossible otherwise.

“It makes me very happy and makes me sad that I can’t help everyone but I am trying the best I can. If it can bring just a little bit of joy to their lives it is great.”

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