Coronavirus: Couples react as ban on weddings lifted in England

Michael McCaw, from Belfast, and Lucrecia Landeta Garcia, originally from Argentina, with their witnesses Norman Ross (right) and Ruth McNaughton (left) following their wedding ceremony at City Hall in Belfast, as outside weddings with up to six people are currently permitted, to change from Monday to ceremonies permitted outdoors, with no more than 10 people present.Image copyright
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A couple marries in Belfast, where weddings of up to 10 people outdoors are allowed

From 4 July, the ban on weddings in England will be lifted – but with some strict rules.

Only 30 people are allowed to attend, singing is discouraged and receptions as we know them are out of the question. Four couples describe how their plans have changed.

‘Not what we wanted, but still lovely’

Joe Howard is still going ahead with his wedding to fiancee Victoria on 11 July, in Norwich’s St John the Baptist Cathedral – but with just a fifth of the guests.

When lockdown was introduced, they had already done “months and months of planning for a 150-people wedding,” says Joe. “We had 250 people invited if you include the reception.

“We have moved the reception to October but the wedding is staying in July.”

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Joe Howard

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Joe and Victoria have removed friends, cousins and work colleagues from the guest list

There haven’t been any weddings in England since the day lockdown began, on 23 March – apart from in special…

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