The Supreme Court decision on Trump’s tax records just became more urgent than ever (opinion)

The White House insists that President Donald Trump was never briefed on the intelligence reports — begging the question why, if true, that could be the case. However, on Tuesday night, the New York Times reported that President Trump had, indeed, been briefed on the Russian bounties in February — three months before he unilaterally offered to invite Russia to the G7 meetings.
At the very least, it fits a long pattern of Trump and his team avoiding confrontation with Vladimir Putin, despite constant provocations.
It also provides just the latest, most urgent, example of why so much rides on the Supreme Court’s decision on whether Trump’s taxes and business records can be turned over to members of the House of Representatives and the New York district attorney. The ruling is expected this week.

This is perhaps the most closely watched Supreme Court decision of this session, with massive implications for the separation of powers and the ability of American voters to make a fully informed decision in the November presidential election.

Trump has, of course, broken with decades of precedent in refusing to release his tax returns, often making up phony excuses for why he can’t do it (among them, that he is subject to what would be the longest tax audit in recorded history). The truth is that he’s done everything possible to avoid showing his finances to the American people, with Attorney General Bill Barr’s Department of Justice now acting like the President’s personal lawyer.
This has got to be the worst of Trump's outrages

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