Trump 2020 polls: White-collar revolt against the President is peaking

Relative to other Republicans, Trump has underperformed with those voters since he began his first presidential campaign in 2015. And by flouting science and openly inflaming racial tensions, he is now directly centering the campaign debate on two of the principal dynamics that have alienated those voters from him. That shows signs of accelerating the shift of these voters — who had never backed a Democratic presidential nominee in polling before 2016 — away from the GOP to an unprecedented new level.

By contrast, although the widespread concern in Black and Hispanic communities both about George Floyd’s death and the disproportionate burden they have faced from the coronavirus outbreak could increase their turnout from 2016’s tepid level, so far most 2020 polls have not shown Biden improving on Hillary Clinton’s margin among them. Trump, meanwhile, maintains a consistent lead among White voters without college degrees, though almost all surveys show his margins with the women in that group narrowing substantially since 2016.

Polls now show not only a decisive consensus among Whites with at least a four-year college education that Trump has mishandled the coronavirus outbreak and the protests that emerged after the death of Floyd, but also that many of those voters believe Trump is exacerbating those problems through his actions. Those include his determination to hold in-person rallies and to accept the GOP nomination before a traditional convention audience this summer…

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