WarnerMedia plans to sell CNN Center

The announcement is a big adjustment internally — but nothing will change right away.

Pascal Desroches, the chief financial officer for WarnerMedia, which is comprised of CNN and other brands such as HBO and Warner Bros, said the company is prioritizing Techwood, another property it owns in Atlanta.

“Following the sale of the CNN Center, we plan to centralize most of our employees on the Techwood campus,” Desroches wrote in an internal memo. “This process will take several years, so we don’t expect any immediate changes for employees working at the CNN Center.”

It will be a homecoming of sorts, since CNN was founded in 1980 at a former country club on Techwood Drive.

Still, the announcement will stir mixed emotions among CNN employees and Atlanta residents. The CNN Center building has been the network’s hub since 1987. While most newscasts are now anchored from New York and Washington, CNN Center control rooms and production teams keep the network humming around the clock. Key functions like and the standards and practices department are based there.

The building is a beacon for journalism — and it spans a valuable block in downtown Atlanta between Centennial Olympic Park and State Farm Arena.

“Downtown Atlanta has seen great investment and is quickly becoming an entertainment destination,” Desroches told staffers. “The CNN Center is of great value to a third party that specializes in such developments.”

So WarnerMedia will look for a buyer. A corporate spokesman said…

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