Survivors of kidnapping show the way ahead for Jayme Closs

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For young abductees, experts say, survival is rare.

And to recover from the trauma, they face a whole new set of challenges. Those experts say health care resources, faith and time away from the public are essential to the healing process.

Here are the stories of other young people who survived abduction and unimaginable trauma:

Shawn Hornbeck, then 11, was kidnapped while riding his bike near his Kirkwood, Missouri, home on October 6, 2002. For the next four years, he was held captive and sexually abused by pizzeria manager Michael Devlin, who told people Shawn was his son.

In 2007, two police officers who frequented that pizzeria were on an unrelated call at Devlin’s apartment complex and noticed his white truck, which was similar to a vehicle investigators were seeking in the kidnapping of another missing boy, Ben Ownby.

Police were disturbed by Devlin’s demeanor when they questioned him, and they alerted the FBI. When investigators returned to Devlin’s apartment, they found not only Shawn, but Ben as well.

Seven years after his rescue, Hornbeck told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch “my life right now is actually pretty normal.”

Hornbeck was living with his parents and working full-time in a factory. He was waiting for the right time to return to college and finish a degree in criminal law.

Elizabeth Smart

In June 2002, 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was dragged from her bed with a knife to her throat, leaving her little sister the only witness to the abduction.

Smart was taken from…

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