Black workers describe details of ‘living hell’ at UPS center in Ohio

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That’s how hard she says it is for an African-American to work at the UPS facility in Maumee, Ohio. She’s been there for 30 years, but the racist atmosphere still feels like the 1960s, she says.

“I work with employees that I know that don’t like my skin color, but yet, and still I have to deal with it,” Camper says.

One white female driver refused to deliver a package to a predominantly black neighborhood she referred to as “Nigger City” and “NiggerVille,” Camper said.

She says she reported it under UPS’s zero-tolerance policy, but the driver was not disciplined.

Now, she calls working at the UPS facility “a living hell.”

Camper and 18 other workers at the same center have filed a lawsuit against the parcel delivery company alleging racial harassment and discrimination. They also allege management either ignored or encouraged the behavior.

UPS’s director of corporate media relations Glenn Zaccara told CNN the reported behavior was “abhorrent” and against company values. He added that action had been taken, including discharging two employees.

But Camper sees a different picture. “I cry every night because nothing has changed,” she says. “Not only do I cry for myself, I cried for the black employees that worked in that facility because I see it all.”

Antonio Lino started work at UPS straight out of high school but still feels he's treated "like nothing."

One of those employees is Antonio Lino. He and Camper both describe feeling beaten down during their time at UPS, overlooked by management for jobs, harassed by co-workers because of the color of their skin and ultimately feel the…

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