Controversial US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell receives threats

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But for the last few months, the controversial US envoy has been getting threats himself including at least one against his life.

A photo of one letter seen by CNN which was sent in January directly addressed Grenell told him to leave Germany or he would be killed. Signed by the “Society for the New Truth,” it was one of several threats that have been sent to the embassy, according to a source familiar and two State Department officials.

Grenell’s spokesperson, Joseph Giordono-Scholz told CNN that “we do not publicly discuss security issues and procedures.”

A former Republican political operative and spokesman to the United Nations, Grenell has carved an incendiary path since presenting his diplomatic credentials to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in May 2018, clashing with officials, businesses and the media.

Trump’s 52-year-old envoy has become such a polarizing figure that a large protest against him had been planned for early 2019 in Berlin.

‘The big Grenell payback’

The February 3 event was supposed to be called “The Big Grenell Payback,” but a State Department security alert viewed by CNN said police had prevented it from happening and that the organizer had been upset about US government policy related to Germany’s natural gas pipeline with Russia, among other issues.

The alert said it was unclear what “payback” was intended to mean.

Fred Burton, a former Diplomatic Security special agent and deputy chief of State’s counterterror division, said that death threats are “an…

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