MGK Celebrates 29th Birthday with Pete Davidson & Hot Chicks

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Machine Gun Kelly

Rolex for My 29th

… Thanks Pete & John!!!

4/23/2019 8:43 AM PDT


Machine Gun Kelly knows what time it is … and not only because Pete Davidson and comedian John Mulaney got him a Rolex for his 29th birthday.

We got MGK and Pete leaving TAO Monday night in L.A. where they were celebrating with friends. Kelly and Pete were toking cigs and posing for pics when our guy asked Kelly what he got for his birthday.

Check out the clip … MGK couldn’t wait to show off his new classic timepiece. He also couldn’t wait to invite our camera guy onto his party van … much to everyone’s delight.

But, ya gotta watch Pete and Kelly warn their crew — hot chicks and all — watch your trap!!! 

Credits to TMZ the original source, click to view more info on the article!

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