The entrepreneur who battled cancer to help women win

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But after 17 years of problem solving for corporate giants, Rana took a leap of faith to use those skills to pursue her own passion — nurturing the talent and spirit of women.

Today Rana is a successful public speaker, a former president of Ellevate Dubai, a network for professional women, and hosts a popular podcast she named ‘When Women Win’ — all aimed at providing women with the support, knowledge and tools to thrive.

But the journey from corporate high-flyer to women’s advocate was not an easy transition.

“I released the first episode (of When Women Win) in mid-October 2017,” Rana says. “Then within a few weeks I was diagnosed with cancer.”

“I was stunned … really shocked because I’d never been to hospital in my life except to have my babies and here they were telling me that I had to do chemotherapy for six months.”

“So, I had a lot of difficult decisions to make, a lot of choices to make,” she says.

Rana decided to carry on producing ‘When Women Win’ throughout her treatment, motivated by the need to help others, which in turn helped her through her own struggles.

“The purpose of the podcast is to inspire women and give them the tools and strategies they need to succeed in life at whatever they choose to do,” she says.

“It’s about helping them win. I wanted to start normalizing this winning thing.”

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The first season proved to be incredibly popular, taking ‘When Women Win’ to the top spot on the iTunes podcast chart for the Middle East within a year.

Currently, it has an…

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