Breastfeeding mom is still being held in an ICE facility 12 days after being detained, attorneys say

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The mother of three has been separated from her 4-month-old daughter — who she still breastfeeds — since being picked up during an ICE raid at Koch Foods in Morton, Mississippi.

Domingo-Garcia was among the 680 undocumented immigrants detained August 7 in raids, the most in the agency’s history, at seven food processing plants across the central part of the state.

She’s being held at a facility in Jena, Louisiana, which is nearly 200 miles from Morton.

When a woman is breastfeeding, her body continues to produce milk that needs to be expressed or it can cause pain and swelling.

Domingo-Garcia’s attorneys, Ray Ybarra Maldonado and Juliana Manzanarez, along with Dalila Reynoso, program director for Justice for Our Neighbors in Texas, have been working with the mother and her family as they navigate her custody and hopeful release.

ICE spokesman Bryan Cox said all detainees receive a medical screening upon intake and many people were released for a variety of reasons. If a woman identified that she was nursing she may have been released because it would be considered a mitigating factor in determining detainment, he said.

Cox indicated in a statement provided to CNN on Sunday that Domingo-Garcia answered “no” when asked if she was breastfeeding. He also said he was unable to discuss the specifics of any person’s medical information without a signed privacy waiver from that person.

However, he did confirm he was aware of communications between Domingo-Garcia’s attorneys and an…

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