Congratulations, Rockstar: How Post Malone Turned Into a Major Sex Symbol

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Getty Images; Shutterstock; Melissa Herwitt/E! Illustration

Clogs? Generally for comfort only. Scraggly hair? A sign that no effs have been given. Grills? Obnoxious. Face tattoos? An acquired taste, at best. 

But Post Malone has somehow made it all work. 

Since he burst onto the mainstream scene a few years ago, the debate has been raging wherever opinions are shared as to whether the “Rockstar” artist is, indeed, hot

“I think Posty is hot in a pug way. Kinda ugly but still cute at the same time,” wrote one Reddit user in 2018. “It’s all personal preference of course but I think his messy look is super hot.”

Added another fan, “He’s cute, chill, adorable and talented with a bubbly positive personality. I think he’s hot because of all of the above, not like if you just look at him, you know? And that mullet, man! I hate it! I love it when he wears the manbun!”

Just last month The Cut concluded, “Post Malone—Yes, Post Malone—Is Totally Kind of Hot.” Dazed Digital has pronounced him “the epitome of male beauty.” And Rita Ora dressed up as him for Halloween.

Sounds as though the ayes have it.

“being handsome is not dope u have to be ugly to have #swag everyone knows this,” Malone tweeted last summer. “But you’re beautiful,” replied an adoring fan.

Whether your brain automatically registers him as a paragon of hotness or not, there is a direct correlation between appeal and personality—and Malone has that in spades. Moreover, it’s a scientific fact (trust us, we’ve done all the research) that talented musicians tend to register high on the sexiness meter, no matter how many times over you’d show their non-musical counterparts the door if they showed up with braided bangs and “Always Tired” tattooed on their face.

“It’s not right. I got a face for radio anyways, so why not?” Malone quipped to Capital XTRA last year—a comment that, incidentally, made us want to rush toward him with arms open to assure him, “no, Post, don’t say that, you’re adorable.”

Because well-timed self-deprecation, combined with a sprinkling of self-awareness and a healthy lack of concern for what most people think, gets us every time. And it’s not as if the Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling star isn’t perfectly cute. It’s just that he’s buried his face in tats and gold caps.

None of which, incidentally, has managed to mask a certain amiable sweetness, an infectious likability that has won over more than a few skeptics who were prepared to be turned off rather than charmed by Posty’s overall package.

Speaking of masking, there’s the odor issue: word got around that the singer-rapper smelled the way he sometimes looked—i.e. unwashed—leading to a Twitter campaign to have Queer Eye‘s Fab Five take him up as a project. When Malone explained to an inquiring Karamo Brown that some “just think I’m ugly and smell lol,” but “Love the show tho guys, keep crushing it,” Brown tweeted back, “You keep killing it…

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