John Bolton’s legacy: World media hot-spots offer their judgement

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Media outlets in global hot-spots see the firing of hawkish US national security advisor John Bolton as a likely boost for Donald Trump’s talks with US foes in Afghanistan, North Korea and other sensitive areas.

But what do the media from these countries make of John Bolton’s legacy, and the way forward now?

Russia: house of cards

State TV channel Rossiya 1 describes Mr Bolton as a “classic hawk of American politics” with a hard stance on Iran, Venezuela and Russia. “Bolton is known as the person who is ready to bomb any problem,” its correspondent says.

Russian state TV Channel One brands the outgoing national security adviser a “hawk of hawks”, over a screen caption saying “House of Cards”.

The channel says Mr Bolton presided over the cancellation of the US-Russia Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and “came to predict the end” of another arms control agreement – the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Its correspondent calls Mr Bolton “the architect of this new America of Donald Trump’s – an America not bound by international agreements”.

“House of cards – Trump surprises” says Channel One TV

Russia does not expect its ties with Washington to suddenly improve following Mr Bolton’s exit, RIA news agency…

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